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The most modern & innovative cat toothbrush, developed and patented by a cat loving family from Vancouver, Canada. 70% of all cats over the age of 3 have some form of dental disease. Its micro-headed design fits perfectly inside your cat's mouth. Let’s face it, most pet toothbrushes aren’t actually built for cats. You need one specifically designed to be effective for your feline fur babies.
It's ideal to start using a toothbrush for your kitten as soon as they have teeth! Getting them used to toothbrushing early will give you such a big head start in developing a dental care routine! By introducing dental hygiene when they're young, you're giving your kitten the gift of healthy teeth and gums for life! If you have an older cat, it's never too late to start. Make sure to watch our youtube videos (linked above) to get you set on the right path.
Just like with a human toothbrush, you will need to replace it every 3 months or so (as recommended by the CDC). To keep it in good condition, rinse the bristles before & after each use and allow it to completely dry before storing it. Avoid using detergents/soaps, as soap residue isn't safe for cats. Also, it's important to keep control of your cats head during brushing—don't let your cat chew or bite the toothbrush if possible. Our toothbrushes are made from a softer cornstarch material, so that it won't chip your cats teeth if they do bite on it. That being side, if you let them go to town chewing on it, it will break down a lot faster. Check our youtube course for teeth brushing positions to avoid lots of biting!
Patience and persistence is the key to starting. It’s hard at first, but it will eventually get better - Trust us!! Just start off by putting your cat's favorite liquid treat on the brush and have them lick it off and do this for the first few weeks. This will get them comfortable and familiar with the toothbrush and will help them associate it with positive feelings. Always remember to use positive reinforcement after each brushing attempt. Watch our youtube course for a more in-depth talk about this topic! Alternatively, email us ANYTIME!
Yes! With any type of diet, there is always a process of bacteria build up on the teeth in what's call a "biofilm" - Even with feeding RAW! We recommend you brush their teeth daily, after getting the "Okay!" from your vet. Always make sure you get an assessment BEFORE you start brushing. Do not start brushing if there is already plaque build up as you could make things worse.
For optimal hygiene, it's best to use a separate toothbrush for each of your cats. Sharing a toothbrush could expose your cats to potential sickness from one another, and we definitely want to avoid any risk of contamination. That's why RYERCAT toothbrushes come in multiple colors—to help you assign a specific color to each cat.
We ship worldwide! Orders that are going to Australia, Canada, and the USA will be shipped for free. Everywhere else, there will be a reasonable shipping fee.
It's recommended to change your cat's toothbrush every 3 to 6 months as its a hygienic cleaning tool. If you allow your cat to bite on the toothbrush A LOT - you will need to replace it sooner. Check our youtube course out for more information.
Yes, our Silvervine Dental Sticks are designed to be edible and safe for cats. They're biodegradable and crafted with cat-friendly materials. If you notice the strings starting to unravel, it's a sign that it's time to replace them. That's why each pack comes in with 5 dental sticks, providing multiple replacements for your cats. We recommend using these sticks under supervision, treating them like any other cat toy, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your cat.
The small little dried fruit on the stick is called a gall fruit which grows on the silvervine plant. Cats are able to ingest this and it is totally safe along with the silvervine wood. Silvervine is in the same class as catnip as a “cat attractant” - and so both of these attract your cat to biting the stick. There is dried Raffia grass on the ends of the stick (which is also safe to be ingested) and it makes a really attractive "crinkle" sound. The sisal rope around the stick is to create a friction point with the teeth, and if any small fibers are ingested thats totally okay. We use a food grade glue that is safe for cats to secure it - but sometimes they might bite the rope right off. If that's the case, throw the stick away as we don't want them to swallow the whole rope. We recommend to use this toy under supervision.
We are working as fast as we can on the cat toothpaste to make the best product possible. We could have released something by now, but we just aren't 100% happy with it yet. We have our science backed formula, and we are currently in the process of flavour testing with the cats. It will be several months before this is ready - and we appreciate you patience. In the meantime, use coconut oil or another enzymatic pet toothpaste as recommended by your vet. DO NOT USE HUMAN TOOTHPASTE.
NO. DO NOT USE HUMAN TOOTHPASTE ON YOUR CAT. IT IS TOXIC. The fluoride in your human toothpaste is toxic to your cat. Do not use it. Use coconut oil, a enzymatic pet toothpaste as recommended by your vet.
No - you do not need to rinse your cats mouth after brushing. Do not use human toothpaste, but use a enzymatic pet toothpaste or coconut oil. These products do not need to be rinsed out after use. Remember: only use a rice size amount - most of the bacteria breakdown comes from the physical friction of brushing the teeth.
Yes - we wholesale to retail locations. We do not wholesale to any online 3rd party vendors (as we already do this ourselves!). If you want to sell our products in store, please contact us via email at info@ryercat.com

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