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Cat Toothpaste


We remember being paralyzed with questions. What are enzymes? Can cats have fluoride? What do these ingredients even mean? We spent countless hours researching cat toothpastes and what we found was SHOCKING.

It was our worst fear - trying to do right by our cats only to give them something toxic & making things worse. 

We've heard horror stories of cat parents giving their cats treats or other types of foods and it ended up killing them. We were SO worried we might buy some cheap Amazon brand pet toothpaste & it would have terrible ingredients. 

And let me tell you... I'm glad we listened to our guts. 

Did you know there are 5 pet toothpaste brands on Amazon that have active CARCINOGEN molecules in them? (Meaning they cause cancer).

We can't name them here... but you need to make sure you read the ingredients.  We didn't actually find this out until we started working with our chemists on this project. 

And for the record... fluoride is toxic to cats.


The active ingredient that should be in cat toothpastes is called "Enzymes". Essentially, these special ingredients speed up the chemical process of breaking down bacteria in a natural & safe way. 

There are many types of enzymes, and usually each type is really good at targeting a specific type of bacteria. 

The issue with most enzymatic toothpastes, however, is that there is usually only one enzyme (while many different types of bacteria causes the chemical build up of plaque & tarter to break down teeth). 

We are very excited to be working with a chemist who is specialized in enzyme development, and we are in the final stages of our formulation process. 

We will be able to tell you each and every ingredient. What it's used for, and how its good for your cats teeth. 

We believe the people that bring us pet products need to be authentic about the ingredients in them, and to also make sure their customers can understand them too! 

Also, did you know that most pet toothpastes are formulated for cats & DOGS?! We had no idea that most pet toothpastes were created for both - and it's rare to find a toothpaste for CATS ONLY. 

This was super interesting to us because cats and dogs are very different creatures.  Even their sense of taste & smell is vastly different in what attracts them. 

Did you know cats can't taste sweet? They literally don't have the taste receptors for sweet.

Do you know one of the top ingredients in pet toothpastes? SUGAR! 

Doesn't add up right? 

This is because DOGS actually can taste sweet & without sugar, they wouldn't be attracted to the toothpaste chemically. 

But in cats... they don't need sugar. They can't taste it. It upsets their stomachs!! so WHY... is it in so many "cat" toothpastes? 

Another thing that drove us a bit crazy as we researched more... Flavours.

I know as humans we love mint flavours... but for cats?? They aren't huge fans... 

What about typical flavours like beef, chicken, or fish? This can attract cats in some ways, but usually they are overloaded with salt & don't get to the root of attraction... FATS. 

Cat's are attracted to "beef" or "chicken" as we understand it. Their body's are designed to be attracted to FAT as an energy source.  

Think about it... there are two sources for energy. Carbohydrates (sugar) and Fat. And your cat can't taste sugar... 

Their entire body system is designed to seek out high fat content food & CONSUME. 

This idea is what sparked our concepts for unique cat flavours you wouldn't normally hear of & we can't wait to share with you what they are!! 

Stay tuned!! & Thank you so much for your support.

- Samantha & Melanie