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RYERCAT Dual Sided Cat Toothbrush

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Made strictly for cats! This toothbrush is designed specifically with cat anatomy in mind.  Use the round head for everyday brushing, and the pick side to get food out from the back molar groove. The bristles are infused with charcoal to help neutralize bacteria. 


Our toothbrushes are made from cornstarch. This is what gives them its matte feeling & also allows it to be biodegradable! The bristles are made from charcoal infused nylon which gives a hygienic & gentle clean every time.

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The duel sided cat toothbrush is 19.5cm long. The round brush head is a 8mm circle and it is only 5.5 mm thick. It fits perfectly into your cats cheeks to get the back teeth! The pick side is also 4.5mm thick and only 5.5mm tall. This side really helps to "floss" your cats teeth. You'll notice the round head is EXTREMELY soft, while the pick side is more firm. The pick side needs to be a bit firmer to allow you to "pick" tricky food bits out!

Care Instructions

Make sure to rinse the toothbrush in warm water before & after use. Let dry completely before storing. Ideally, you should replace the toothbrush every 3-6 months to avoid bacteria build up on the brush. A sign of over use would be when the bristles start to fray (which is normal over time). DO NOT leave it out where your kitty can chomp on it.